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(Hereinafter referred to as “BBP”) to assist in your recruitment drive

Client - refers to the person or company to whom BBP provides recruitment Services
Candidate - refers to any person introduced to the client by BBP
Engagement - refers to the acceptance of candidate’s details verbally; electronically or in writing, made by any representative of BBP

Our Terms of Business are deemed to be accepted by the client upon the engagement of a candidate, and a fee becomes payable upon commencement in the event of the candidate accepting any employment whatsoever within a (12) twelve month period from the date on which BBP introduced the candidate to the client:-

  • in any capacity or position within the client’s company;
  • or any affiliated companies;
  • or with any person or organization to whom the client subsequently introduces the candidate.
A fee is validated and the liability of a fee is incurred when a job offer is extended verbally or in writing by the client and accepted by the candidate. Upon acceptance by the candidate of an offer of employment, the client or third party shall be invoiced accordingly.

Upon the engagement by the client or a third party of a candidate referred by BBP, the client or third party is required forthwith to notify BBP of such an appointment, subject to the above (12) twelve-month time limit.
BBP will take all reasonable measures to ensure that candidates meet client

requirements. Clients are encouraged to verify references. The final decision to employ a candidate rests with the client; therefore BBP cannot be held responsible, or liable, for any damages of whatever nature arising from or caused by the actions of a candidate introduced by BBP.

BBP does not accept liability for any information and/or representation made expressly or implied by the candidate to BBP and/or its clients who proves to be untrue, inaccurate or unfounded.
Upon interviewing a referred candidate, the client automatically accepts this clause.

The fee becomes due and payable on commencement of employment of the successful candidate.

BBP placement fee is equivalent to a percentage of the candidate’s “total cost to company” annual package. This consists of basic salary; car allowance; running costs of a vehicle (if not stipulated will be assessed at R24 000 per annum); company car (will be assessed at R75 000 per annum) and any other guaranteed allowances, as well as all company contributions, and/or bonuses.
Should a candidate be dismissed due to incompetence only, during the (2) month guarantee period, BBP will endeavour to replace the candidate as per the original vacancy specification, free of charge. This option does however not apply to redundancy or retrenchment.

If BBP is not able to find a suitable replacement within (30) thirty days of being informed of the vacancy, a credit note of 30% of the value of the original invoice will be issued in favour of the client against a future placement made by BBP.

Initiation of the Guarantee option must be made in writing, within (10) ten working days of the notification of dismissal.

If an offer is made by a client and/or third party to a candidate introduced by BBP, and is verbally accepted by that candidate, but the client and/or third party retracts the offer for whatever reason, the full placement fee is payable to BBP.

BBP retains the right to charge a placement fee should an employee of BBP be recruited by a client company, or third party introduced by the client company.

The Law governing any agreement reached between BBP and its clients shall be the Law of the Republic of South Africa, which Law shall also apply where clients and/or placements outside the borders of the Republic of South Africa are involved.

All contracts entered into between BBP and its clients shall be deemed to be offers accepted at the premises of BBP where the contracts shall be deemed to have been concluded.

Should BBP engage the services of an attorney to recover payment of fees not paid by the due date, the client shall be liable to pay the legal costs incurred by BBP in so doing on the attorney and client scale inclusive of collection commission. In addition, interest will accrue on all overdue amounts at the rate of Prime +2% per annum to date of payment.

This agreement will remain in force regardless of whether the person authorizing the agreement on behalf of the client company leaves the client company’s employment or is no longer responsible for filling the assignment and/or had no authorization to make such a job offer and/or to hire.

The client company will be liable for payment even if an alternate person in the client company recruits the candidate for a position without the knowledge of BBP or the hiring authority whose signature is affixed to this agreement, subject to the above (12) twelve month time limit.

All terms, conditions, clauses and sub clauses in this agreement are divisible and in the event of any terms, conditions, clauses and sub clauses being found by a competent court to be void or for any reason unenforceable, this shall not affect the remaining terms, conditions, clauses and sub clauses which such continue to be in force and binding upon the parties to this agreement.

Confidentiality Pledge
All client and candidate information is treated in the strictest confidence.
Process Fee
The recruitment fee is charged for the process of finding a suitable candidate.
A guarantee option is available for a (2) month period from date of commencement of the candidate. In order to qualify for the guarantee, the invoice must be settled in full within (7) seven days from the commencement date of the candidate.
Should either party commit a breach of any of the provisions of the Terms of Business, and fail to remedy that breach within (7) seven days of receiving by registered post, written notice requiring the other party to remedy such breach, then the aggrieved party shall be entitled, without prejudice to their rights in law, to claim payment of all amounts payable in terms of this agreement whether or not they are then due, to claim specific performance or to cancel this agreement.
Interim Assignment Fee
Should the candidate be employed on a temporary, contracting, consulting basis or for any interim period, the fee structure, as set out above, will apply. The fee will be calculated on a minimum period of (3) three months and a maximum period of (12) twelve months.


With 30 years’ experience as a personnel consultant, I have extensive knowledge of the recruitment industry and the business entities I serve. I approach every client or business as an individual, taking the time to understand their individual needs. In turn I treat every candidate with the utmost respect as they can become my future client. I provide an excellent service as it’s always been about successful outcomes in building up my reputation as a top consultant.

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